Note: Extramon is an older product, for Windows 7 and earlier. See the Download page for more information.

Extramon lets you use a second computer as a second monitor, giving you a dual-monitor computer. In fact, both of your computers become dual-monitor computers. And you can operate them both from a single keyboard and mouse.

No hardware or cabling needed. All you need is two networked computers sitting side-by-side.


Extramon sends video across the network and displays it on the other computer's monitor. Windows thinks that each of your computers has two monitors.

Extramon has an on-screen switch that allows you to choose which computer you're looking at.

You can turn off dual-monitor mode at any time and just operate each computer individually from a single keyboard and mouse.

Nobody ever complained about having too much screen space. If you have two computers available (such as a laptop and a desktop), it makes sense to use them both.
Having dual monitors lets you keep your email open on one monitor while you work on the other.  
You'll spend less time switching back and forth between applications.  
Download the software and try it before you purchase.
Installs in less than a minute on each computer. No rebooting. Contains no spyware or anything other than Extramon.

No technical knowledge required.

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